The Center for Fiction

Why Fairy Tales Matter: Conversation with Kate Bernheimer, Kevin Brockmeier, Timothy Schaffert, and Maria Tatar. Summer 2011.

The Believer

Conversation with Ali Liebegott as part of her project The Heart has many Doors. May 29, 2012.

The New Yorker

20 Under 40 Q & A. June 14, 2010.


Public radio program hosted by Michael Silverblatt. January 15, 2009.

Dinner Party Download

Public radio program celebrating culture, food, and conversation. January 30, 2009.

Charlie Rose

Conversation with the 2004 National Book Award finalists. December 23, 2004.

Chapter 16

Journal about books, writers, and literary events in Tennessee. October 26, 2011.

Asia Pacific Arts

Magazine of Asian and Asian-American arts and entertainment. February 11, 2011.

Largehearted Boy

Discussion of music playlist for Ms. Hempel Chronicles. September 10, 2008.

Barnes & Noble

Meet the Writers series. Fall 2004.

The Millions

A Year in Reading series. December 17, 2009.


Madeleine Is Sleeping Q & A. October 6, 2004.

State of Nevada

Nevada Public Radio program. February 22, 2012.